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…bringing a piece of Africa to you

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NGALA Curios are wholesalers & retailers of authentic African curios supplying the South African & International markets.

Welcome to NGALA Curios & Handcrafts Online Shopping where we bring a piece of Africa to you!

Southern African curio makers and craftsmen are amongst the finest in the world!

But for most of them, life is tough.

Sitting on the side of a road day in and day out, waiting in the hot sun at a market, often for weeks on end for a buyer to come along.

NGALA CURIOS AND HANDCRAFTS puts these talented and hardworking creative people on the world stage – showcasing their work across the globe!

When you buy anything from us, your money goes straight to the crafter!

We do not hold any stock at all.

When you select an item, we go and collect it from the source, package it and ship it right to your door!

Much of the work on our site is absolutely unique, available nowhere else.

We also ensure that nothing is ever made in a factory or mass produced in any way!

Have a look through our Catalogue....meet some true artists and select art that truly is reflective of Africa!

Our Top 10 Best Sellers African Curios

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Description: Wooden Handcrafted Mahogany                       Elephant And Baby Curio

The African Elephant is the largest animal in Africa.


Description: Metal Loerie Bird Curio

Also known as the go-away-bird.


Description: Wooden Small Red-Billed                       Hornbill Carving Curio

South Africa is home to six species of Hornbills.


Description: Metal Warthog Small Curio                              Each

They shelter in burrows at night, which they enter tail first.


Description:  Wooden Handcarved Wild Dog                       Curio Each

The African wild dog, also called Cape hunting dog or painted dog. (Price is for One Wild Dog)


Description: African Metal Vulture Curio

A vulture's stomach acid is significantly stronger and more corrosive than that of other animals or birds.


Description: Beaded Large Elephants Curios                     Each

There are only two distinct species of elephant left in the world: The African elephant &  the Asian elephant.                           (Price is for One Elephant)


Description: Beaded Owl Curio Each

The Giant Eagle Owl is the largest owl in the world.

(Price is for One Owl.)


Description: Beaded Rhino Curio

Second largest of all the animals of Africa.


Description: Handcrafted Wooden Giraffe                      Curio Each

The African Elephant is the largest animal in Africa.


(Price is for One Giraffe)